File Setup/FAQs

How to order Stickers?
  • Select the shape of your stickers, custom shaped stickers cost a bit more than your typical circular or square sticker due to production difficulty.
  • Select your sticker size; if you need a different size than listed, please email a custom order request to
  • Select your lamination finish.
  • Choose your sticker quantity. Bulk discounts are applied at checkout.
How to order prints?
  • Select your material type
  • Select your material size
  • Select your lamination finish
  • Select whether or not your files require Contour Cutting. Refer to the FAQs below for information on Contour Cutting.
  • Enter in the total Square Foot amount in the quantity box.
  • Upload your Ready-to-Print files. If your files are not "Ready-to-Print" you must add the "File Setup" product into your cart.
  • Proceed to checkout

How Large can I design my Prints?

Prints that are NOT being contour cut, can be designed on artboards up to 1" smaller than the material size being used. For example, if you are printing on 54" material, and the job is not being contour cut, you can design on a 53" artboard. If the job IS being contour cut, you can design up to 4" smaller than the material being used. For example, if a job is being print cut on 60" material, you can design on an artboard up to 56" tall.

What is a "Ready-to-Print" file? 

A ready to print file will require no design and editing on our end. This means that your artwork will already contain any bleeds, cut-lines, and correct settings for direct print. If your file is not Ready-to-Print, you must add the "File Setup" product into your cart. This service adds an additional $50 to your order.

What is Contour Cutting?

Files that require cutting after being printed require Contour Cut lines integrated into the design. Your contour cut lines need to be on a separate layer than your artwork (this layer should be named "CutContour" ). The lines should be a colored stroke with a swatch with the following settings: Named: CutContour. Spot Color. CMYK values: 0,100,0,0.

What format should I upload my files in?

All files for printing should be uploaded in PDF (Adobe PDF), PSD/PSB (Adobe Photoshop), or TIFF (High-Resolution TIFF) format.(at LEAST 300 dpi at a 1:1 ratio). Sticker Status is not responsible for ready to print files that come out blurry due to the files not being created in high enough resolution. All files should also be designed in CMYK color format. At Sticker Status, we use CMYK printers. If your artwork is uploaded in RGB colors, we will automatically convert the artwork to CMYK and we are not responsible for the resulting inaccuracy of colors. If uploading a logo file for stickers, a vector version is preferred and will result in the best quality product. Low-Resolution PNG and JPG format logos may end up blurry post-production.